3Crows Art Gallery

Featuring West Virginia artist, Robert G. (Bob) Smith  1909-1996

Prints are of actual places and were sketched in the field and painted in the artist's studio.

The purpose of this gallery is to honor the artistic talents of my dad, Bob Smith by sharing his original art (print & original paintings) with others.    

The artist said he aspired, with his paintings, to preserve things that have been destroyed by man or time. 

We know you will want to have one or more of these prints hanging in your home or office, or to purchase as a gift for family or a friend.

I love your dad's paintings and I want them all!  I hope others will feel the same way! 

Suzi Talbott
Retired Nurse

This is great !! It brought tears to my eyes to see my home and the little village I grew up in.

Jane Jacobson

I love the three prints of French Creek. I can't wait to get them framed and hanging in my house!  Your dad left a beautiful history in art of our home. A forgotten era told in each painting. Love these prints. So glad I purchased. Thank you. 

Randy Bailey
French Creek, WV

Dan, your dad's painting are amazing.  Jenny and I love the Crawford Barns and look forward to hanging it in our hame.

Jeremy Garton
Weston, WV

Thank you for visiting 3 Crows Art's Gallery

Bob Smith


Robert G. (Bob) Smith, Jr (1909-1996) 

Dad said, I can not stand to see a blank canvas or blank page in his sketch pad. A self-taught artist, he became interested in art as a teenager and soon became widely known for his paintings.